Absentee Voting

Debunking voting myths 

By: Nick Balaj

For most of us this is the first presidential election we can participate in, and absentee voting seems like the way to go. However, many students have heard the rumor that their vote may not be counted. The confusing language of the Ohio Revised Code (Chapter 3509.06 Section A) may have attributed to this rumor. It states “The board of elections shall determine whether absent voter’s ballots shall be counted in each precinct.”

Lori Miller, the Deputy Director of Hancock County’s Board of Elections, assured that all absentee votes are counted. In Hancock County the absentee votes are the first ones counted and reported. Miller also mentioned that the Board of Elections will contact people who incorrectly fill out the ballot and will have until Nov. 18 to fill out a corrected ballot.

If you haven’t registered for an absentee ballot you can visit your home county’s Board of Elections website. The deadline for requesting a ballot for Ohioans is Nov. 5 by noon. The ballot will be sent by mail to you and will be due by Nov 8.

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