WLFC top tracks and album reviews

By Bobby Beebe

Each week, WLFC will publish their top 10 tracks for the week. Along with that, DJ Bobby Beebe will give us his favorite and least favorite albums of the week.

Thumbs Up:

Kanye West – The Life of Pablo

At the end of the day, I can totally see why people could be disappointed by “The Life of Pablo.”  This record was incredibly hyped. Kanye must have changed the title, track list and personnel on this album at least ten times. Worst of all, this album is an extremely self-indulgent direct representation of Kanye West’s public persona. And people hate Kanye.  Regardless, this album is unbelievable. Instead of ranting and rambling about why I believe this (tune in to my radio show if you want to hear that), I will give three simple reasons. 1. The production: Kanye is a genius behind the board and he has enlisted some great help from Madlib, Rick Rubin, Hudson Mohawke, and more. 2. The features: Chance the Rapper delivers his best verse to date on the opening track, “Desiigner” is on like three songs, and Frank Ocean even came out of hibernation to contribute. 3. Hate him or love him, you have to respect Kanye for how cocky he is on this record. He’s clearly poking fun at himself, something many rappers in 2016 could stand to do a lot more often.

Thumbs Down:

I saw Fat White Family play in Brooklyn at Baby’s Alright to a packed crowd at CMJ in 2014. Their live set was explosive and weird, equipped with sermon-like monologues and stage props. Needless to say, I was curious to hear what their recorded music sounded like. Somehow, in the craziness of a long week of shows, I forgot to look them up when I returned to Ohio. So you’ll understand my excitement when their latest record, Songs for Our Mothers, came to me via WLFC. Unfortunately, the record did not live up to its hype. It is painfully boring, full of fuzzed out guitars droning on indistinguishably from track to track leaving listeners to wonder where one song ends and the next begins, or rather, if these are even songs at all. The junkie narrative adapted by lead singer Lias Sauodi is one of indie rock’s most played out sentiments and is far from compelling. Unfortunately, Fat White Family’s explosive and sometimes violent live performances did not translate to Songs for Our Mothers, one of the most redundant and sloppy rock records I have heard in quite some time.

WLFC Power Current Tracks for 2/15-2/21:

1.  Animal Collective – FloriDada

2. Cage the Elephant – Cold Cold Cold

3. Ty Segall – Diversion

4. Daughter – Made of Stone

5. Prince – 2 Y 2 D

6. Dream Koala – Dimension Sleeper

7. Foo Fighters – Saint Cecelia

8. Grimes – Flesh Without Blood

9. Hot Chip – Dancing in the Dark

10. Neon Indian – Annie

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