What’s there to do on the weekends?

Reasons to stay in Findlay this weekend and every weekend

By Clay Parlette

So you’re moved in to your dorm, met the roommate, gone through the arch and discovered the gourmet delicacies that Hendo has to offer. This is it! It’s college as you dreamed it. But after a busy week of classes, awkward icebreakers with the RA and maybe even your first Australian Ice at George House, you might be wondering: what the actual heck is there to do in Findlay, Ohio, on the weekend? Well, after spending some years in this town, I’ll offer up some suggestions (in no particular order).

1) Discover the Res.

No, I’m not talking about Res Life. I’m talking about the Findlay Reservoir located east of town (Siri will gladly direct you if you ask politely). This place is actually a really gorgeous escapade to go when you want to work out or just need some “you time.” With 4.2 miles of bike trails around the water, and even more trails in the wooded park area, the Res is a scenic destination for exercising, studying, and meditating. Sometimes when I’m there I forget I’m even in Findlay. That’s when you know you’ve found a little piece of heaven.

2) Make bowling cool again.

Hey, I don’t care what the cool kids say, I still love getting a group of friends together to go bowling at AMF Lanes on Trenton Avenue. It’s a cheap way to have some fun and kill some weekend time, but it’s also a really good opportunity to get to know your new college peeps. This place also has some pretty good food as well, so that’s another plus.

3) Hit up the movies

Carmike Cinemas is a no-fail option for a lazy Sunday or fun Saturday night. Located on the other side of 75 and right next to one of the best pizza places in town (Beer Barrel), some of your best college memories are bound to occur here because, who doesn’t love movies and pizza?

4) Check out Downtown.

I still can’t believe it when I hear someone tell me they’ve never been to Downtown Findlay. Get on Main Street and go south and you’ll hit it. While you’re there, try some lunch at the famous Wilson Sandwich Shop (which was the original inspiration for Wendy’s), the mouth-watering Main Street Deli, or the iconic Logan’s Irish Pub. If you like sushi and Japanese, Japan West is about as close to authentic as you can get. And if you’re of age, Alexandria’s Gastropub is an eclectic hangout to mingle with townies and even some faculty members. Keep your ears open for unique events like the art walks and Oktoberfest as well because there’s almost always something cool happening Downtown.

5) Don’t underestimate the value of hanging out in a friend’s dorm or lobby.

Some of my best college memories come from long treks through the snow from Fox to the Village where a group of us would gather in the lobby to play Catch Phrase and board games while conspiring what to do that night. I have to say, a lot of pizza was eaten and stories told in those lobbies, and it will be one of the things I’ll never be able to relive when I’m gone. Enjoy the simple moments, and don’t think that fun can only be had when you’re off campus.

Some things I missed:

  • Findlay’s decrepit mall on Tiffin Avenue offers some decent shopping options for the spontaneous shopping trip, if that’s your thing.
  • In the winter and spring, The Cube (off North Main Street) is open for ice skating.


Have fun making your mark on Oiler Nation! And, as always, play it safe.

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