Spring break stay-cations

By Kelsey Nevius

Midterms are coming up and it’s hard to believe that we’re reaching the half-way point of the semester. After the mid-term papers and tests that we all dread, spring break will be here. Although I’m not even thinking about spring break until all of my course work is finished, it’s always in the back of my mind that it’s just around the corner. For some of us at UF, spring break means trips; going on adventures with fellow students from UF in groups according to what you’re interested in, or taking that much needed vacation with a few of your best friends or significant other to somewhere warm and sunny. But, if you don’t have travel plans for spring break 2016, don’t fret: there are so many opportunities around our area for the time off school that may catch your attention.

If you have a group of people (preferably twelve) then you could take your chances on an activity in Toledo. Trapped Toledo, located on 2410 Key Street in Toledo, takes you and eleven friends and locks you in a room. On their home page, trappedtoledo.com, they say that as a group, “you must use your wits and the group’s collective knowledge to find hidden clues, solve daunting puzzles, and overcome challenges to escape before time runs out.” Whether you’re in a group entirely made of your friends or you have strangers thrown in, you and eleven other people have sixty minutes to escape whatever experience you choose. They have an assortment of escapes, including the new “Mutated” escape featuring a theme of zombie infection. They also have escapes featuring the spy-themed “Rescued 3, Agent X” and pirate-themed “Lock Down 2, The Mutiny.” They all have different intensity, team building, difficulty, and fun ratings. Personally, I can’t wait to gather up a group of friends and try to escape using our combined wits. Spring break might be the perfect opportunity to try this if you’re as intrigued as I am about this experience.

If you’re looking for something to do indoors to avoid the cold weather, head over to Scene 75

Entertainment Center on 876 State Route 28 in Milford. They have a huge center packed full of things to do on days where the wind chill isn’t very forgiving. They have a full arcade, indoor go-karts, black light mini-golf, a full screen gaming room called the chaos room, mini bowling, a 4-D motion theater, bumper cars, a laser maze, and my personal favorite, laser tag. You certainly won’t be bored when you take a short road trip to Scene 75, and they’ll keep you entertained for at least a day or two of spring break.

Trapped Toledo and Scene 75 are just two things you could do over your week of spring break. Staying in Ohio or going back to your hometown can be just as great as heading to somewhere warm and sunny, although you’ll most likely not get that tan you want. Stay-cations in Ohio are something to think about instead of traveling this spring break. Gathering up a few friends and planning days dedicated to doing something new can be just as rewarding as traveling somewhere far away.

Do you have any other suggestions for stay-cations? Tweet me at @kelnevs.

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