RNC: An opportunity few get to experience

The RNC from a student’s perspective

By Steve Mathie
President, UFTV

I’m here amidst thousands of people that are all here for a cause. The Republican National Convention is a place where some of the most powerful people in our country meet to talk about what is going on in the party and to vote on issues dealing with party and the upcoming presidential election.

I have witnessed hostility on the delegate floor over the nominee and I have witnessed media try to do their best to tell the story revolving around the RNC. Me, I have run around attempting to be a cameraman/news director/editor/grip/and just about everything else you could think of and it has made me realize how hard this job is and how much I enjoy doing it. I love the rush of making sure everything looks good on camera while juggling the timeframe in which you need to get it done so people can see it.

This whole experience has been surreal and I cannot believe we got the opportunity to go. To be a small liberal arts school and get the opportunity to be within the perimeter and work around professionals and big elite schools is a great privilege and I applaud our University for allowing us to take part of history. This is one of the greatest learning opportunities ever and I am glad that the University of Findlay has given us the opportunity to attend the RNC as media members.

In all this will definitely help me further my education about the media industry and help me get an edge on any competitor that I may face as I pursue my career. I have only been here for a day and I have learned that to get what you want, you have to be forceful and go get it because no one is going to step aside and give you their shot just for you, especially to a student or a small market media attendee. You have to get creative with everything you do to make your product become the best it can be and so you can outperform your competitor.

Like I said before, the University of Findlay has done something special for its students and is the only University that I have seen so far that is here with students reporting. We are lucky and grateful for this opportunity and are doing our best to learn all that we can and produce the best quality product we can create for everyone to watch. UFTV may be small, but we are mighty and can do anything that we put our minds to. I want to thank the University of Findlay again and AJ du Frense for this opportunity to report and work for UFTV at the Republican National Convention.


Follow UFTV’s coverage of the RNC on YouTube. Their channel is called UFTV Productions.

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