Pros outweigh the cons in Trump’s foreign policy plan

By Kate M Bauer

As a native of Northwest Ohio, it is not hard to believe that I am a Conservative. I have grown up with the beliefs that our government should be small and our border security strong. I am by no means a political science expert — I just believe I have some important thoughts to add to the political conversation as an informed voter.

For starters, no, I am not a whole-hearted Donald Trump supporter. I do not, and will not, place a “Make America Great Again” sign in my front yard. He makes statements that, frankly, should frighten any American, but, he does have some ideas regarding the security of our nation that I do agree with.

The main components of Trump’s current national security plan include stronger border patrol and a focus on deportation in which criminal aliens will be removed from the country. This plan resonates with me because of the fact that criminals in the country illegally will be removed, which, if implemented properly will create a safer country for all of us.

Where I think Trump falls flat, though, is his lack of a concrete plan to ensure all criminal illegals are found and removed from the country. According to a Fox News article, Trump stated, “It’s our right as a sovereign nation to choose immigrants we think are the likeliest to thrive and flourish and love us.” In a perfect world, it would be nice to hand pick those that are able to enter the country, but it is not practical.

Despite the controversy around Trump’s national security platform, the pros outweigh the cons. If Trump is successful in his removal of illegal criminal aliens from the United States, the country will benefit. If illegal immigrants are given the same financial rights as US citizens (ObamaCare, Social Security, and Medicare), then what is the “perk” of immigrants going through the immigration process the correct way? In an article from the Washington Post, it was stated that at least 750,000 illegal immigrants were able to receive health care in 20 different counties across the country in 2016. As a citizen, if I break the law, I will be given the appropriate punishment per our legal system. When illegal immigrants break the law by entering our country illegally, they are rewarded with free health care.

Because of Trump’s proposed decrease in the number of illegal aliens in the country, it is assumed taxes would decrease on middle class citizens because of the decrease of dollars allocated to paying for healthcare and benefits for non-taxpaying citizens. As someone who will soon be entering the workforce upon graduation, the lessening of taxes will definitely be a welcome change.

While Trump proposes a decrease in the amount of illegal immigrants living in the United States, his opponent supports a massive increase in the number of Syrian refugees allowed to enter the country, according to an article on With a lack of knowledge about

who these refugees truly are and where their loyalties lie, it is a huge liability to allow them to enter the country. Also, it seems there is no type of assimilation program in place to ensure these refugees are able to fit into American society. Not to mention the health concerns that these refugees pose to the safety of Americans as these individuals carry a large risk of health concerns as rates of Tuberculosis are very common among refugees.

Overall, there are issues within both candidates platforms on national security, but in terms of the future safety of our nation, it seems Donald Trump has a better understanding of the country’s needs at this time.

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