Oilers’ survival guide to PokemonGo

By Garrett Gardner

We’ve all heard about the new found craze that has swept the world with the promise of combining everyone’s nostalgia-filled dreams with our smartphone addictions. Yes, this new app procuring our pocket monsters in this new open-world setting has taken a great stride toward making our truly desired college majors a reality, becoming a Pokémon trainer.

Like any other game of this format, the desired goal is to level-up your character and create a team capable enough to conquer any adversary. Being that most of the studious college folk stay atop social trends and can be self-described as the “cool kids,” this information shouldn’t be new. But for the seasoned poke-veterans and the newcomers alike, any edge toward achieving the ultimate goal of becoming the very best will help. Here are a few tips and tricks that will allow anyone to become the PokemonGo master they were meant to be here at the University of Findlay.

Save that Stardust!

Every PokemonGo user will tell you that stardust is a very important item in this game. It is the main ingredient required for powering up Pokemon in order to increase their HP (Hit Points) and CP (Combat Power). Secondly, Stardust can only be acquired through in-game actions, and is not available for purchase from in-game shops, which makes it that much more of a precious commodity for everyone. You receive stardust when you catch Pokemon, win gym battles, and level-up your trainer. Instead of following your gut and spending it all on your favorite Pikachu, you should simply save it all. Until your trainer reaches at least level 12, higher level Pokemon rarely present themselves. Putting all the stardust into your CP level 20 Weedle won’t win you any gyms. Instead, bank that stardust and spend it later on in game where large deposits of the precious material are about as frequent as stressless nights during finals week.

Hunt in pairs (especially at night)

As fun as it may sound to be able to hunt Pokemon in the real world, you must remember to be smart when you PokemonGo. Pull together a few of your closest friends and embark on an adventure catching the lovable creatures together. You should never PokemonGo alone at night. A simple lured Pokestop in a dark area could turn a fun virtual adventure into a real world problem considering everyone who has the app can see where the stop is. There is strength in numbers and it is better to be safe than sorry. Even in the Pokemon world. Never get lost again on campus

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you knew where all the Pokestops and gyms were on campus? Wouldn’t it be so much more convenient and efficient to plan out your adventures to maximize the amount of stops you visit without having to be right on top of it in app? Well, thanks to the Pulse team we have provided for you the Complete PokemonGo Campus Map. To view this map on your phone or other device, head over to the Pulse’s website and keep it handy for when it’s time to hunt.

Your very own Pokémon legend is about to unfold! A world of dreams and adventures with Pokémon awaits. Let’s go, PokemonGo!

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