Get involved with politics in OilerNation

Opportunities to get involved on campus and in the community 

By Ashley Summerfield

Are you interested in politics and looking for campus and community involvement? UF and the Findlay community have countless opportunities to gain political insight on the circus that is U.S. politics.

In an election year like nothing we’ve seen before, millennials as a whole have a sparked interest in what is happening in the political world around them. As the next generation, it is important for us to be educated in this field. The politics of this country affect every aspect of the life that we live.

No matter what beliefs you may have, or even if you don’t think you have an opinion at all, if you have the motivation to become educated it can be very simple.

UF has several opportunities to get involved right here on campus. Both College Democrats and College Republican organizations are actively looking for new members. These clubs hold events on campus year-round as well as having involvement in local, state, and national politics.

Many college students struggle figuring out what exactly they believe in because they have only been exposed to their parents’ beliefs growing up, or they accept everything on the internet as fact. Whatever the case may be, you can take advantage of the clubs on either side of the spectrum. This will give you plenty of exposure to various viewpoints so you can decide for yourself where you best fit.

If you are in the middle of the road politically, you can also take part in the Political Science Club. This is a non-partisan club. The club’s goal is to grow the knowledge of the student body by bringing speakers and various events to campus.

As we go through a very exciting and dramatic presidential election, student involvement and interest is expected to grow in the upcoming months preceding the November election.

If you are interested in further involvement, there are countless opportunities out in the community as well. In a major election year, there are presidential campaign offices in many cities who always looking for student volunteers. In addition, there are other officials up for reelection on all levels.

In the Hancock and Hardin County areas, Representative Sprague (Ohio Rep. of the 83rd district) is up for reelection. Getting involved in politics at the local level can be

a great networking opportunity and an eye opening experience. Officials at all levels thrive off of the involvement of young people in their campaigns.

As the future, college students are huge assets to campaigns and politics as a whole. Many millennials have new and creative ways of looking at things, which can help candidates get the upper hand in tough races.

No matter the level of political involvement you are seeking, here on campus and in the Findlay community are the best places to start.

In the next couple of months, there will be several events to look out for on campus. College Republicans, College Democrats, Political Science club, and the Communications Department all have upcoming events to get students excited for the upcoming election.

Check out the activities fair on Sept. 20 from 6-8 p.m. in the AMU to gather information and get involved with the politically active clubs on campus.

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