Where are they now? A look back at UF’s 2014 king and queen

By Jordyn Willis

One is still pursuing a degree in pharmacy, one is enjoying a career in social media marketing and freelance writing.

They are the University of Findlay’s 2014 homecoming king and queen; Dallas Smith and Miranda Roehler.

Roehler graduated in May 2015 with a Bachelor’s degree in creative writing and history. After graduation, she moved to San Diego to join her boyfriend of three years who was stationed with the Navy.

“I have been doing some work as a freelance writer for MapQuest, and also started working a full-time job as a social media-marketing specialist at Country Rebel Clothing Company,” said Roehler. “The company sells some country/western themed clothing online, but they are best known for their articles on country music related topics. My responsibility is to write and publish those articles.”

“Being elected homecoming queen meant absolutely everything to me,” said Roehler.

Roehler said that after not fitting in in high school, she was nervous that the same would happen in college. But, after finding her family in Marching Oiler Brass, her self-confidence rose tremendously and UF shaped her into the person she was meant to be.

“For me, being homecoming queen was my way to honor the school and the marching band that had helped me find myself when I had always thought it would be impossible,” said Roehler.

Along with the sash and crown, Roehler and Smith received an engraved pen, given to them by President Katherine Fell at the homecoming football game.

Roehler said congratulations and recognition flooded in from people all over campus after she was elected queen.

“I developed good relationships with the other people that had been on the court, especially Dallas, who was chosen as last year’s king,” said Roehler. “He is such a nice guy and a lot of fun to talk to, and to think I never even knew him before the homecoming festivities began.”

After graduating from UF and beginning her professional life, Roehler said her future goals are to continue writing for a living. She says it has always been a dream of hers to write a novel, and she hopes to one day return to Findlay to live and start a family.

Smith, last year’s king, is currently a fifth year pharmacy student at UF.

Smith said that being elected king was such a meaningful experience for him because he was able to represent the University that has allowed him to do so much.

“Life has taken me across the world since last year’s homecoming whether it be India, Canada, Dominican Republic, or other parts of the United States,” said Smith. “However, I still am very grateful I can call the University home for a few more semesters.”

Smith has high goals for after graduation and is on his way to achieving them.

“I want to continue serving across the world by joining the Peace Corps. After this, I would like to play a vital role into helping develop a health care system for a developing country along with teaching in some aspect,” said Smith.

Smith describes homecoming week as a wonderful time because it allows Oilers from all generations to come together and celebrate. He says that it allows Oilers past and present to share the common bond that is OilerNation.

To the newly crowned king and queen, Smith and Roehler have some advice:

“Enjoy the fact that you were chosen to represent the University by your fellow peers. Enjoy the wonderful opportunity to interact with the amazing people on court with you, the relationships you build with faculty and staff through homecoming, and the time you get to give back to the great University that has given so much to you,” said Smith.

“To this year’s king and queen, first of all I want to say congratulations. Secondly, I hope you both know that now that you have this title, your connection to UF is even greater than it already was,” said Roehler. “I want you both to know that title is special, because it means that you are truly respected and admired by your peers and the faculty/staff alike.”

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