Important resources on campus

By Jordyn Willis


Arriving to college for the first time after high school can be a hard adjustment to make and a little intimidating. One thing students should know when arriving at The University of Findlay is how to find and use the resources that UF provides. These resources include the Academic Support Center, Oiler Success Center and Women’s Kind Clinic, just to name a few.

The University of Findlay takes pride in providing a range of services to accommodate every student’s unique needs and to help out in any way possible. These resources range from personal health to academic needs.

For students who are having trouble in a certain class or feel like they could benefit from the help of a tutor, the Academic Support Center is there to help. The Academic Support Center is located in Old Main, Room 45.

“Going to a tutor for chemistry during my sophomore year was so incredibly helpful,” said Cecelia Gebien, senior biology major. “Having that extra time and help with a difficult class like that was definitely necessary to get the most out of that particular class.”

The Academic Support Center also includes the Writing Center, where students can go to have certified English tutors read their papers with them and address any concerns that student may have.

According to The University of Findlay website, students also come to the Academic Support Center to get academic counseling on any learning struggles that could range from learning styles, text book reading, note taking, test anxiety, learning strategies, and organizational skills.

Another student resource that is located in Old Main is the Oiler Success Center. This center is an answer to many different questions at the University. Success Center staff will help with anything from the printing station to just being able to sit down and talk about why a class is so difficult and how that stress could possibly be eased.

The Success Center offers students a place to go for study tables or to work with a group for a class project. The staff is there to listen to any concerns a student may be having and to try and find a connection that may solve the problem or a way to help.

You’ll also find the offices of both the Director of Career Planning, Jan M. Taylor, and the Director of Academic Advising, Glenn Alan Miehls, located within the Oiler Success Center.

Aside from academic resources, Findlay offers students health and personal resources, too. One of these resources included is the Women’s Kind Clinic, which is offered at the Cosiano Health Center at 120 West Foulke Avenue.

According to the Cosiano Health Center, the Women’s Kind Clinic focuses on the health needs and concerns of Findlay’s female student population. This clinic provides services such as birth control, STD screening, Pap smears, breast exams, confidential counseling, and health information for women. Students make an appointment and are required to pay a $50 fee on the day of their appointment.

Resources at The University of Findlay all have the united goal of helping OilerNation in some way. Trust me, UF has your back.

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