Five SANE nurses are available to UF students 24/7

By Hannah Dunbar

Seek and receive care: 5 SANE trained nurses at Cosiano

Raising sexual assault awareness around UF

With the two separate sexual assault cases that were filed at the University of Findlay last fall and the national spotlight on the issues, Cosiano Health Center wants students to know that SANE nurses are on staff.

These five SANE trained nurses are and will be available to students any time during the academic school year.

According to the director of health services, Julie Yingling, SANE stands for Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner.

Yingling said the SANE trained nurses underwent 40 hours of training and were certified in May 2014 but have only recently begun to announce what they can offer to students.

“We want students to come to the health center first because they know us, they trust us, we are free, and it’s a familiar place,” said Yingling. “At the health center you know the care you are going to receive and you are not just a person who is shuffled in and out the door.”

Matt Bruskotter, assistant dean of environmental safety, security, and emergency management, wrote a grant proposal through the Office of Violence Against Women that allows the University to give these services to students, according to Yingling.

“The SANE trained nurses are available at the health center 24/7 for students,” said Bruskotter. “Between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. you can show up at the health center and after hours you can call the SANE nurses’ cell phone number and a nurse will be there in 30 minutes to take care of you.”

The SANE trained nurses are on call for a week at a time and can be reached by calling the number: (419) 788-4584. Yingling emphasized that care and confidentiality are most important to the nurses.

“We want students to be able to seek care and receive care at the health center,” said Yingling. “We are not mandated reporters and hold our patient’s privacy and confidentiality at the upmost importance.”

According to Matt Bruskotter, a card with the nurses’ information and cell phone number will be easily accessible for students.

“We are working on getting stickers with the nurses’ number to put on the mirrors of every bathroom on campus,” said Bruskotter. “We are trying to get a high quality vinyl sticker that will stand up to the cleaners used in the restrooms so students will have the information.”

Recently, a sexual assault was reported on Tiffin University’s campus on Thursday March 5, 2015. According to Toledo News Now, a female college student reported to law enforcement that she was raped by a male student in a dorm on Clay Street. The case is being investigated by the University’s Title IX committee and the Tiffin Police Department.

As for the two separate sexual assault cases at UF, there has been no arrests or charges filed as of March 13, 2015 according to Lieutenant Ring of the Findlay Police Department.

“Findlay PD only investigated one rape allegation and the other complaint handled by The University of Findlay was never reported to the police department by the victim,” said Ring.

Ring says the investigation of the incident reported in October 2014 is still open and has been forwarded to the Hancock County Prosecutor’s Office for review.

On behalf of the Findlay Police Department, when it comes to safety, Ring recommends that students always be aware of their surroundings. He suggests students should avoid wearing headphones while walking and to never travel to isolated areas alone.

“Go to social events with a group of friends rather than alone and if you see a friend who is making bad choices, have the fortitude to confront the individual and get him or her to a safe area,” said Ring. “Trust your gut.”

Furthering awareness on campus, UF hosted a sexual assault awareness event on Monday February 16, 2015.

“We had over 200 students at the event, which was a great turnout,” said Bruskotter. “The event was intended to continue to raise awareness on campus about the issue and to start a conversation about standing up for each other when we see someone taking advantage of an individual or using abusive and objectifying language.”

Bruskotter hopes the event will help to correct that type of negative behavior in order to ensure that when students look back on their college experience in ten years, it was positive one.

Raising and continuing awareness of sexual assault at the University of Findlay is a goal several staff members have been working toward.

“There are so many people who do not report because they are afraid and embarrassed,” said Yingling. “It’s going to be a long road but we have got to remove that stigma and empower women.”

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