A whole new Hendo and other renovations

UF spends $4.5 million this summer to upgrade campus

By Sarah Stubbs


The University of Findlay has had one of its busiest summers yet upgrading and remodeling campus for the start of the 2015-2016 academic year – investing $4.5 million total.

One major makeover that students living on campus with meal plans might notice first is Henderson Dining Hall.

Deanna Haan, services manager at Henderson said that this is the first major renovation that has taken place since 2003.

Henderson has received a fresh coat of paint, has had new tile installed, and is now equipped with a variety of seating options including a long, bar-styled table in the back behind the drink area, booths, and high top tables.

Haan said that the new, expanded tile area is easier to keep clean.

Several additional outlets have also been installed so that students can charge their laptops and phones easily.

Renovations in Henderson are almost done, but not quite complete.

“During the first week of school we are getting new carpet. That will be put in overnight, starting on Monday the 17th, in three sections,” Haan said. “Also, if you’re feeling short at the bar, new table legs will be in soon.”

Not only have the aesthetics in Henderson been changed, but the Simply To Go option for students who don’t have the time to sit down and eat has been revamped as well.

“We’ve added the table top freestyle machine to the Simply To Go area. So that has 63 drink options including vitamin water,” Haan said.

Simply To Go will also start offering limited time only menu items. Haan said that the Henderson crew has developed a core menu but will be mixing in limited time offers in order to provide students with a variety of meal choices.

Haan said that the limited time offers will include special wraps, sandwiches, subs, salads, and hot food items.

“We will kind of start slow and add more menu changes as we go throughout the year,” Haan said.

Haan said pictures are in the process of being framed to be hung around Henderson so that the dining hall can truly look like The University of Findlay’s dining hall and not just a basic, college dining hall.

Other major renovations that have happened this summer or are in their final stages include the modernization of Croy, the installation of new windows and heating and cooling systems in Myers and Morey halls, and the modular classrooms or “the trailers” as UF students referred to them, have been removed.

Myeron Cobb, physical plant director at UF, says that all summer renovation projects have been completed or are in their final stages.

“We will work through the week to complete final cleaning in some areas, though,” Cobb said.

In another key upgrade, the once greenhouse at the top of the Brewer-Frost building has been relocated 407 Davis and that area has been remodeled to supply extra classrooms.

According to Cobb, the greenhouse relocation is on schedule to be completed in late August.

“We are still rebuilding the greenhouse but do have a very nice, renovated barn at 407 Davis right now for flower prep and material storage ready for use,” Cobb said.

Cobb also said that the installation of additional street lamp post lighting around campus is 95 percent complete and the physical plant will begin to replace parking lot fixture lamps in late August as well.

“We will be going through all parking lots and building security lights to replace the existing lamps with high efficiency LED lamps. Projects like these take several months to complete,” Cobb said.

According to Cobb, the entire “mondo” track and courts inside the FRC are also on schedule to be replaced by the end of August.

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