2015 Health and Wellness Fair at UF

By Jordyn Willis 


For a college student, nothing can be worse than getting sick right in the middle of the semester, when tests and projects are in full swing. The University of Findlay took a step in preventing that from happening last Thursday with their annual Health and Wellness fair for students and staff.

The Health and Wellness fair was held in the Alumni Memorial Union Thursday, Sept. 24 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and consisted of over 35 different displays, all related to health and wellness awareness for University students and staff to learn.

During the fair, students had the opportunity to get a free flu shot. The free flu shots were a key component to the fair and an opportunity that several took advantage of.

The Center for Disease Control and Protection (CDC) says that “influenza is a respiratory illness contracted through viruses that are spread when people cough, sneeze or talk.”

Staff were also able to receive the shot for $10.

Other services for UF students, faculty, and staff included free vision, hearing, and blood sugar screenings as well as free blood sugar and bone density checks.

“It’s so great to see all the healthy options there are, and to see how much Findlay puts in to the health of their students,” said Amanda Pye, graduate physical therapy student. “The informational booths were all really interesting and fun to read.”

New this year to the health and wellness fair were meningitis shots, which were available through the Findlay City Health Department.

According to Medical News Today, meningitis is the inflammation of the three membranes that surround the brain and the spinal cord, also known as the meninges. The main function of the meninges is to protect the central nervous system.

The meningitis vaccine is recommended for college students because it is bacterial, and can spread from sharing cups or silverware, chapstick, or even just close social contact. Since college students live in dorms and come into close contact with numerous new people, they are especially susceptible and strongly encouraged to get vaccinated.

Pye said that the convenience and affordability (everything was free for students) are what make UF’s fair such a success every year.

“Paying attention to your health as an undergraduate college student is important but it’s the last thing on a student’s mind usually,” said Pye. “Not only are we surrounded by all kinds of new people in college, but the stress, the lack of sleep and the poor diets don’t help the health aspect of our lives very much. That’s why I think these fairs are so cool and interesting.”

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