Pizza places around the 419: Don’t overlook these local pizza parlors


By Alyssa Grevenkamp


Some prefer ham, sausage, and pepperoni. Others anchovies. But if you’re like me, I prefer the classic pepperoni and cheese. Like a lot of towns, there are plenty of pizza parlors around Findlay to serve exactly what you’re looking for.

Now there’s always the usual, chain pizza places that you probably have at home, too, like Pizza Hut, Domino’s, and Papa John’s. But if you are looking for a local and unique taste, you have got to try some (or all) of these pizza places.

Some of the local pizza places around the University are Padrone’s, Flag City Pizza, Jac and Doe’s, Vito’s, Beer Barrel Pizza, AJ’s Heavenly Pizza, Joey Fratello’s Pizza, Paradise Pizza, and Bellacino’s Pizza.

If you can believe it, I’ve had all of these. They all offer a different tastes and styles so one or several of these spots are sure to satisfy your pizza needs.

One of my absolute favorites is AJ’s heavenly pizza. It is right next to the FRC on North Main Street so it isn’t far from campus at all. AJ’s has a sweet sauce and has an excess of topping choices. I usually play it safe and get a pepperoni pizza with a side of their amazing cheese breadsticks at a great price. They are also home of the jumbo pizza so if you need to feed a lot of people, this is the way to go. And when they say jumbo, they mean it.

Another one of my favorite local pizzas is Joey Fratello’s pizza. Joey Fratello’s is located downtown off of East Sandusky Street. Their pizza is similar to a New York styled pizza. It can be somewhat greasy at times, but a lot of the best pizzas are. They have an amazing hand-tossed crust as well as great options for toppings. They have a vast menu and offer more than just pizza. Joey Fratello’s also has salads, calzones, and pasta. You can dine in, take-out or get it delivered!

Now Jac and Doe’s may look like a hole in the wall for some, but it is actually a pretty good pizza joint. It definitely has a thinner crust than the other two mentioned before. So if you are a thin crust lover, this is the place for you. They have two locations, one on Tiffin Avenue out by the Findlay Mall and another on Trenton Avenue by I-75. You can dine in, take out, or get it delivered as well.

Vito’s Pizza is a little bit different from the rest because they have crust toppers. They allow you to pick from a variety of toppers to put on your crust to zest things up. A few of those toppers include garlic, parmesan, butter, sesame, and Cajun. They also have stuffed crust, too. One of my favorite pizzas to get from here is their chicken bacon ranch. It’s outstanding. Another reason I really like Vito’s is their prices are reasonable and they usually always have sales going on.

Lastly, Beer Barrel Pizza is another great choice if you are looking to get something local. They serve more than just pizza. Beer Barrel Pizza has burgers, chicken fingers, and fish, too. Their pizzas are delicious and always come out steaming hot from the oven. They have a variety of sizes and they have some of the cheesiest pizza around. The only downside when ordering a pizza from here when dining in is it usually takes them a while to get the pizza out to you. But from my experience, it’s well worth the wait. Beer Barrel is located over by the Carmike Cinema movie theater off of Interstate Drive.

So whatever you prefer, there is a local place that will fit your pizza needs for sure. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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