UFTV makes a comeback at the University of Findlay

By Claire Crum

After going dark in 2012, UFTV is making a comeback, and will be collaborating with a student organization to produce content for thousands of homes across Hancock County.

UF productions is a student run communications/ television club that is looking to give members experience working with technology and television as well as providing a way for students to stay connected with happenings on campus. The club is currently trying to produce a 10-20 minute skit, comedy or event on campus twice a month. These shows can be watched on UFTV, which will be launched on Dec. 2.

UFTV provides another option for any student wishing to gain experience in the communications industry and while UF TV is not a student run organization, they are completely open to any student of any major joining.

AJ du Fresne, director of UF TV, says that the goal of the organization is to launch and promote UF TV as a community channel to Findlay and bring information and entertainment to the viewers in high definition.

“UFTV is meant to be for the viewers. With many of our viewers being from the millennial generation, we hope to go mobile with our channel, streaming to phones and other devices then to a cable channel and the internet.”, says du Fresne.  The channel will host a variety of shows, including live sports, cooking shows, history programs and a special show, UF Spotlight, which will shine a light on UF staff and faculty.

President of the newly reformed club UF Productions Will Adeboyejo, says there are big goals set for the club and high hopes for those who participate in the club.

“The goal of this club is to gain real world experience in the Video Production field. It doesn’t matter if you want to be an actor or writer or camera man, there are no designated roles.”

Brandon Emsweller, Vice President of UF Productions, says he has hopes that UF Productions can help to bring students together on campus, and eventually connect people all across Ohio.

“We want to create broadcasts that relate to the student body and bring the student body together. Eventually we hope to reporting events around Ohio and reaching out into the community.”

By running the club with a professional mindset, the advisors are hoping to provide experience for all members.

”Communication members can especially benefit from joining the club by learning about everything from lighting and sound effects to working with a teleprompter, and especially now that we are working with new TV station”, said Adeboyejo. ”But any student can join, regardless of major or experience level.

Du Fresne also expressed his excitement at collaborating with UF productions.

“Most of the collaboration is already happening, students are already working in the studio. Hopefully this collaboration will allow our students to gain knowledge they need for their futures, while bringing quality shows to 43,000 homes in Hancock County.”

Du Fresne also adds that UF TV has some major goals of their own, including major fundraising to purchase new equipment for the studio and gain more members who would be interested in gaining real life skills for communications.

“We want to reflect the quality of the community”, says du Fresne. “We welcome anyone to work with us. ”

There will be an open house for anyone interested in the organization on Dec. 2 from 12 p.m. until 2 p.m. in UFTV’s very own studio, located in the Egner Building.

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