Bike theft prevention program rolls out at Findlay

By Jordyn Willis


Students that live both on and off campus take the opportunity to ride their bicycles across campus to and from class every day. In order to keep that opportunity available, the Department of Safety and Security has taken new measures to protect students from theft at The University of Findlay.

The Bike Theft Prevention Program has taken effect at the University in attempt to stop bicycle theft on campus. Students are now required to register their bicycle through Campus Security so that security can identify any stolen bikes on campus.

Registering a bike is free and can be done at either the campus security office or online.

Applying for a bike permit is much like applying for a parking permit for a vehicle, making the process familiar and simple for students to complete. It is done online, through the Findlay website.

Students must first log into their “myfindlay” account and click on the student intranet tab. From there, they have to click on the online parking permit registration under “safety and security.”

It is the same process as applying for a parking permit for a student’s vehicle. However, when the students come to the vehicle-type dropdown on the application form, they must select “bicycle.”

Bicycle color, model and serial number are required to finish the application.

Kevin Rosselet, a junior sport and event management major, works at the campus security office and registered his bicycle in July.

Rosselet says that in the past two years of working in security, there have been a number of students who have come in saying that their bike had been stolen or lost. When they do not register it, then security cannot look it up in the computer to figure out what kind of bike it is.

“By not having that information we cannot do anything but take the individuals information down. But, even still, if the bike does come up, there are suspicions to whether or not this bike is really this student’s or if they are lying about it. This is why it is required now to register your bike so that we have it on file in case things like this happen,” said Rosselet.

According to Campus Security, upon registering a student’s bike with the University of Findlay Security office, you will be eligible to receive a free bicycle lock.

They also encourage students to come to the security office with their bicycles to fill out the form so that Security can take a picture of each student’s bicycle and keep it on record should their bike be stolen.

Students are optimistic with the new Bike Theft Prevention Program. The step forward in stopping theft on campus encourages students to register eir bicycles and to feel better about riding them to and from class day-to-day.

“I think this is a great idea.  I know a few students that have had their bikes stolen on campus in the past,” said Lana Attar, junior education major. “Since I live off-campus, a bike would make it a lot easier to get to class. I’ve just been worried it would turn up missing.”

With this new program students feel better about leaving their bikes unattended. It is not only a help to campus security in identifying stolen items, but also a piece of mind to the students who rides bikes at UF.

“I feel that this new security measure is a great idea, because it helps us out in the security office and it also makes it easier on the student if their bike does come up missing or is stolen. All we have to do is look up the tag number in the database,” said Rosselet.

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