Findlay enrollment up

By Jordyn Willis


The beginning of this fall semester has brought a larger number of new and diverse faces to The University of Findlay. With the release of Registrar’s eight-day report, not only has general enrollment increased eight percent this semester compared to last, but it has also shown a dramatic increase in international students enrolled.

The eight-day release from the Registrar stated that “The 8.5 percent enrollment increase includes a 6.5 percent increase in first-time, full-time students, a 20 percent increase in graduate students and a 46 percent increase in international students.”

According to the report sent out by Registrar, the total traditional student enrollment is currently 3,956, compared to 3,645 in 2013. There was also a 4.2 percent increase in total undergraduate enrollment, and first-time, full-time student population is 619, compared to 581 in 2013.

“This is the fourth consecutive semester enrollment has increased at UF,” printed the Registrar.

Aside from the general enrollment at the University, International admissions has also had a great start to the 2014 school year.

According to Penny Gerdeman, director of international admissions and services, the number of international students enrolled this fall is 535, compared to the 365 international students enrolled last fall.

“How we are marketing and recruiting plays an important role in the increased number of international students. A lot more social media access allows us to get into more countries we’ve never been in before without actually going there. We also travel year round, and the visa success rate has been very good,” said Gerdeman.

Findlay is currently the home of students from 41 different countries, the top three being Saudi Arabia, India, and China respectively.

UF has also seen some new countries becoming involved in oiler nation. Most have had students here in the past, but are now returning to the United States to send students to The University of Findlay. Austria, Turkey, Spain and Bolivia are some of the countries returning to the United States to show representation at the University.

Giving students the programs, activities and services they need to succeed is UF’s main goal for the encouragement and care of the international students here.

The Intensive English Language offices and courses have also been a key to success in recruiting new international students to the University of Findlay. This gives students that may not have the sharpest English skills the ease of knowing that they will be accommodated for, as the language barriers are an issue that is addressed at Findlay.

Athletics is just another component of the international students on campus. Teams like baseball, track, and soccer, along with others, have accommodated international students. The chance to play their favorite sport encourages students to branch into other countries and schools like The University of Findlay.

“We look at programs. We were optimistic and hopeful for the over 500 students who were admitted and we focused on looking at optimal enrollment,” said Gerdeman. “Services and filling the needs of the students is key. We have a lot of international clubs which gives students a place to go with others from their countries or students who are interested in their countries and culture.”

According to Rebecca Jenkins, UF is one of the largest private colleges in Northwest Ohio. The University has been nationally recognized by U.S. News, World Report and the Princeton Review, and has nearly 80 majors.

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